Victory! It’s heading to the governor!

June 8, 2017

Suzio NR Applied Petition 72 dpi (1 of 1)

My Bill 76 to forbid state government from spending any of YOUR money to study a Big Brother-style Mileage Tax has been passed overwhelmingly by the CT House of Representatives.

The bill now heads to the governor for his signature!

Again, I want to thank YOU.

  • YOU called and emailed your state lawmakers.
  • YOU signed my “De-fund the CT Mileage Tax Study” petition.
  • YOU made your voices heard.
  • YOU said you want no studies, no surveys, no conferences, no travel, no spending of any kind related to the study or promotion of a CT mileage tax.

YOUR victory was overwhelming!

What can you do NOW?

The governor’s phone number is 860 566-4840.

Call him today.

Simply urge him to: “Sign Sen. Len Suzio’s Bill 76 into law!”

To all who continue to speak out for tax freedom:  Thank You!