Senator Martin Says Taxpayers Have Sent a Message: No More Taxes!

June 9, 2017

State Senator Henri Martin (R-30) recently spoke in favor of a no-new-tax Senate Republican budget proposal, saying it addresses the needs of the state and the will of the people.

“I want to tell the taxpayers of Connecticut that we have heard them loud and clear,” Sen. Martin said. “All of us have heard from friends, family, businesses that we must stop the insanity. ‘No more taxes,’ they tell us. ‘We have no more to give you.’”

Sen. Martin said Connecticut’s low ranking in national business publications, as well as the exodus of General Electric, Aetna, and thousands of residents shows that government must change course for the state to survive.

“This brings into perspective something I read a few years back. ‘Citizens are customers of government and citizens can and will do what dissatisfied customers do – they will go somewhere else,’” he said. “If our goal is to attract business and people into Connecticut in order to grow the economy, then fundamentally our policies – first and foremost – ought to be lowering taxes and minimizing government spending.”

Sen. Martin said the revised Senate Republican budget proposal exempts social security from the state income tax on those who earn less than $75,000, it phases in federal exemptions for the estate tax, protects municipal aid, and doesn’t require towns to assume any costs associated with teacher retirement, which was a component of the administration’s budget.

“This budget includes what I believe must be the cornerstone of sound fiscal policy: enactment of a constitutional spending cap,” he said. “This budget reduces government spending and maintains the tax-exempt status on nonprofit hospitals.

Sen. Martin said the budget also provides funding for core social services like Care4Kids, Meals on Wheels, and programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

A full budget summary is available on the Senate Republican website.

“The fact is: the budget that that is in front of us, I believe, provides the foundation and framework to rebuild economic stability in our state and clearly sends a message to the people of CT that we have heard them loud and clear,” he said.

Sen. Martin represents the communities of Bristol, Harwinton, Plainville, Plymouth, and Thomaston.