Fasano to Businesses/Individuals Courted by Gov. Scott: Do Not Give Up on Connecticut

June 19, 2017

Hartford Connecticut Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement regarding Florida Governor Rick Scott’s visit to Connecticut.

“I have a message for all the businesses and individuals who have been contacted and courted by Gov. Rick Scott. Do not give up on Connecticut. Our state is at a crossroads. We are facing a historic deficit, yes, and years of failed policies that have created challenges for families and businesses alike. But now we have an opportunity to pursue the drastic change Connecticut needs to move our state in a new direction. As lawmakers work to adopt a budget, Republican legislators have increased numbers and a tied Senate for the first time in decades. We have a louder voice than ever before and we are fighting to put our state on a new path to stability and prosperity. We have a vision for a better way, and a complete, balanced line-by-line budget to make that vision a reality. Now is not the time to give up on Connecticut and leave. Now is the time to unite our strength and push for the structural changes needed to make Connecticut the place we all know it can be; where jobs can flourish, families can prosper and future generations can find opportunity. This new budget must, and will, send a message to everyone that we have changed course, that we are moving forward, and that our fiscal priorities are being realigned to strengthen our focus on enticing businesses and people to stay in our state.”