Fasano Statement on Aetna’s Announcement

June 29, 2017

Hartford – Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement regarding Aetna’s confirmation that they will move their headquarters to New York City.

“It’s disappointing but not surprising news today that Aetna has confirmed its decision to move its headquarters out of Connecticut. The statement from Aetna today makes it clear that Aetna, like many job creators, is closely watching what happens at the state Capitol. Budget uncertainty and economic volatility is something that our state’s job creators cannot ignore, and something that without a doubt factors in to their business decisions. Connecticut is at a crossroads and now is the time to send a strong message that our state is committed to policies that create stability, predictability and growth. We need to make it clear that the policies that have driven our state into the ground have to end, and we need to adopt a budget that moves our state in a new direction.

“Much like what happened with GE, Aetna has not been silent on their concerns. In 2015, when huge tax increases were on the table, Aetna made it clear they saw that our state was ‘in danger of damaging its economic future by failing to address its budget obligation in a responsible way.’ They also said ‘such an action will result in Aetna looking to reconsider the viability of continuing major operations in the state.’  Unless we take measures to move Connecticut in a new direction, job creators like Aetna will continue to be faced with questions of whether it makes sense to continue growing in our state. Today they are moving their headquarters, but if nothing changes could more moves be in store? We cannot dismiss their move or comments as inconsequential. We have to recognize that now is the time for a significant shift in policy to better our state for all people, businesses and communities.”