A New Direction for Connecticut

June 7, 2017

It’s time to reset Connecticut’s GPS and change the direction our state is headed.
I was raised in Connecticut. I love this state and want to see it succeed, but we are facing a serious financial crisis. We know that businesses and people are leaving. We know that families, especially the middle class and working poor, are struggling.
That’s why Senate Republicans put together a bold plan to change the direction of our state and restore confidence in Connecticut. This is about a new vision to create a Connecticut where today’s families and future generations can live and work. This is about survival.
Our revised no-new-tax state budget makes tough choices necessary to cut spending, reduce the size of government, and make necessary changes to state employee benefits – all while protecting core services.

I invite you to review our budget proposal and state employee labor savings plan. I hope you will support our plan and will urge all lawmakers and statewide leaders to chart a new course that has a bold vision for our future. The time for change is now!