A New Direction for Connecticut

June 7, 2017

Like a deer caught in the headlights, state leaders seem to be paralyzed when it comes to the resolving our state budget issues. Filling that void of leadership, Senate Republicans have put together a bold plan to redirect our state’s fiscal future toward smaller budgets and smaller government that will restore faith in Connecticut’s ability to responsibly govern. This is about a new vision to create a confident Connecticut today and for future generations. This is about survival.
This revised no-new-tax state budget makes tough choices. It cuts spending, reduces state agency redundancies, and requires state employees to contribute more for healthcare and retirement – all while protecting core services.

Click on these links for a more detailed explanation of our budget proposal and state employee labor savings plan.  Help support these efforts by urging all lawmakers and statewide leaders to point our state in a new direction. The time for change is now!