Somers: We Will Protect Groton Funds

May 9, 2017

State Sen. Heather Somers said she is hopeful that funding she helped restore to Groton and its school district will not be lost in a final state budget proposal.  She said it was time Democrats in the House and Senate do ‘what they are elected to do – be responsible.”

“These funds are critical to children and future of Groton,” said Somers. “This budget debate is a unique opportunity to set priorities for state spending. Local education and town aid should always be a top priority.”

In the initial budget proposal offered by Gov. Dannel Malloy, state funding, was dramatically reduced to Groton schools, totaling over $14 million because state officials failed to incorporate various school population factors.

A Republican budget proposal, offered by the House and Senate GOP, would restore those funds while working on a new Education Cost Sharing (ECS) formula that accurately measures the economic standing of the town population. Somers has argued that children of the parents who are serving active duty at the Groton submarine base, were not properly classified for purposes of state funding.

Somers said the ECS formula needs major reforms and keeping state funding in place this year will give education advocates, state officials and lawmakers the time needed to complete that task.

“We need to invest in Groton to keep our submarine base operational and growing,” said Somers. “It seems clear we must show the military that Groton and the state are making the commitment to a strong education system.”