Senator Martin Tells CT REALTORS that Legislators Must Revive the American Dream in Connecticut

May 10, 2017
Martin 2017-05-09 CT Realtor Rally (20 of 31)

Senator Henri Martin (R-31) speaks at the Connecticut REALTORS’ Rally in Bushnell Park in Hartford.

Hartford – State Senator Henri Martin (R-31) told the members of Connecticut REALTORS that the legislature must pass balanced, sustainable state budgets to revive the American Dream in Connecticut.

Connecticut REALTORS moved its annual event from the capitol to Bushnell Park where Sen. Martin, a real estate broker, and other speakers addressed the more than 2,000 people who attended the rally.

“Things can definitely be better in Connecticut. I believe an area in dire need of improvement is our trust in our government. That starts up here with legislators like me and the others up here holding us to the promises we make,” Sen. Martin said to applause from the crowd.

One of the reasons realtors come to the capitol each year, Sen. Martin said, is to tell legislators about what they see happening in the marketplace.

“We are here today because realtors are on the front line and can sense the economic winds of change. Like in 2007 and 2008, we sensed a shift in the marketplace that preceded the Great Recession,” he said. ” We, you and I, are here to tell the legislature that things must change. We must ‘end the cycle of budget deficits’ that has shaken the confidence in our ability to stabilize and grow our economy. Like all households, we must live within our means. The legislature must have the courage to make the policy changes that will encourage businesses to remain, to expand here, and create jobs.”

Sen. Martin said he will work with his colleagues from both political parties to pass a balanced budget and eliminate mandates that have negatively impacted the state’s economy.

“We can and we will renew the American dream of owning a home in Connecticut, he said. “This is not an impossible task. We know what needs to be done and now it’s time to do it.”

Sen. Martin represents the communities of Bristol, Harwinton, Plainville, Plymouth, and Thomaston.