Senator Frantz Strongly Against Installation of Tolls in Connecticut

May 10, 2017

HARTFORD, Conn. – Today State Senator L. Scott Frantz (R-Greenwich) joined fellow legislators and opponents of tolling Connecticut roadways at the state Capitol to explain why tolls are not a realistic solution to the state’s budget problems.

“I was pleased to join my fellow lawmakers at the Capitol today to voice my opposition to bringing tolls back to Connecticut,” said Sen. Frantz. “At the end of the day tolls are not going to solve our budget problems and are just another way for the state to reach into the pockets of Connecticut families.”

Republican lawmakers explained that studies on tolls in Connecticut thus far are based on toll prices that far exceed tolls in other places by anywhere between 2-4 times the highest rate in the country. These studies do not consider the cost at which people decide to jump off the highway to take other routes. Current studies also do not take into account how out of state drivers could plan routes around Connecticut if toll rates are set too high.

 “There has been no study to show if tolls will actually make money after factoring in the fee structure for tolls, construction costs and people’s likelihood of using roadways with tolls,” said Sen. Frantz. “As we stand on the edge of a fiscal cliff I cannot get behind a proposal that places another burden on Connecticut residents, especially when paired with one of the highest gas taxes in the Northeast.”

“As legislators we shouldn’t be working to place more taxes on Connecticut families to off-set reckless spending habits that have lead our state to the dire fiscal situation we are in,” said Sen. Frantz. “Any budget that relies on tolls with so many unknown factors is an alarming proposal and is another flawed idea that would continue to add to our currently unaffordable debt and unsustainable deficits.”