East Lyme Students Showcase Technology Projects at State Capitol

May 16, 2017

Hartford – As part of the Connecticut Educators Computer Association Expo on May 3, local student groups visited the state Capitol to showcase their technology-related projects. Senator Paul Formica (R-East Lyme) met with students from Lillie B. Haynes Elementary (pictured), Quaker Hill Elementary School and East Lyme Middle School (pictured).

Connecticut Educators Computer Association is a nonprofit organization of professionals who promote the effective use of technology throughout schools in Connecticut.


MiddleSchool_Photo1 MiddleSchool_Photo2

Middle School Photos: Sen. Paul Formica met with Cannon Dean (left), Sachi Vora (center), and Jasper Wright (right), three student filmmakers who were recently awarded honorable mention in C-SPAN’s StudentCam competition for their documentary called “Can We Put the Care Back in Healthcare?” The students gave Sen. Formica a lesson in digital recording before their tour of the Senate Chamber. All three students attend East Lyme Middle School.


LillieBHaynes_Photo1 LillieBHaynes_Photo2

Lillie B. Haynes School Photos: Four students, William Hamre, Dahlia Cooper, Jack Goshorn and Ani Mazzulli, had the opportunity to present their recent geography project to state lawmakers, including Sen. Paul Formica (pictured), and explain how they used technology to complete and present their project. The children are all third graders taught by teachers Angela Wheeler and Kara Arnold.