Details of the CT Senate Republicans’ revised No Tax Hike budget plan are here

May 23, 2017

An open letter to taxpayers of the 26th Senatorial District:

I proudly support the Senate Republicans’ revised alternative state budget.

We have a plan to get Connecticut out of this fiscal mess.  It will require difficult choices deciding between needs versus wants.

I believe we need to protect schools and property taxpayers.

I believe we need to get Connecticut back on a path to sustainability, predictability, stability and economic growth.

Our proposed “Confident Connecticut” plan:

1)        Increases education funding.

2)         Does not cut statutory grants to towns in 2018.

3)         Does not increase taxes.

4)         Does not include tolls.

5)         Does not expand casino gambling in Connecticut

6)         Does not legalize marijuana.

7)         Protects vital services for seniors, the disabled and our most vulnerable residents.

8)         Lowers taxes for retirees and helps seniors age in place.

9)         Enhances funding for state parks and tourism.

10)       Provides for structural changes to state spending, including a government spending cap and bonding cap.

You can read the plan’s easy-to-read summary and the detailed, 67-page, line-by-line plan below.

I am willing to work with Democrats in the state legislature to make this plan a reality.

Unfortunately, to date, legislative Democrats in the state House and Senate have not put forward a detailed, line-by-line plan.

What we do know of the Democrats’ plan?

  •       Democrats support and rely upon a “trifecta” of statewide tolls, legalized pot, and casino expansion to balance the state budget.
  •       Democrats would cut state aid to towns.  The Democratic plan references about $210 million in aid reductions in each of the next two     fiscal years.
  •       Democrats would cut about $10 million each year to the Education Cost Sharing grant.

And what about that $200 million in annual aid reductions to towns?  Which towns would get hurt by the Democrats’ plan?

For example, would state funding to Fairfield be slashed under the Democrats’ plan?

It’s a very good question.

The answer is: We don’t know, because the cuts are not spelled out by Democrats.

It’s a mystery.

So now it’s up to you.

Call your state lawmakers.  Tell them what you think.

I continue to fight for a state budget which is fair to towns, schools and taxpayers.  Let’s get Connecticut out of this fiscal mess!

* Sen. Boucher represents the towns of Bethel, New Canaan, Redding, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport, and Wilton.


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