Budget Update from the State Capitol

May 2, 2017

Last week at the State Capitol, Connecticut Republicans and I put forward an alternative budget plan which calls for: no increase in the sales tax

  • no increase in the income tax
  • no increase in the pistol permit fee
  • no increase in the current hospital tax
  • elimination of the income tax on Social Security and pensions for low-middle income retirees
  • a cap on state government spending
  • an increase to education funding
  • preserving core government services for our most vulnerable residents

It is my hope that this budget proposal can be the starting point for all lawmakers to continue an important conversation on how to lead our state in a new direction together.

More details about the “Confident Connecticut” state budget proposal are available on my website: http://ctsenrepublic.wpengine.com/2017/04/republicans-unveil-confident-connecticut-state-budget-proposal-3/

Please feel free to review the proposal and let me know your thoughts.