Sen. Suzio Expresses Support for CT Early Childhood Advocates

April 20, 2017

Suzio 2017-04-20 CT Early Childhood Alliance (7)

Sen. Len Suzio (center) on Apr. 20 joined with legislators, parents and children at a Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance meeting at the State Capitol.  Suzio discussed his support of early childhood initiatives and noted that his Proposed Bill # 734 creates a “Citizens In Need” account to pay for social services that have been reduced or eliminated due to state budget cuts.  Suzio, who serves as Co-Chair of the legislature’s Children’s Committee, said taxpayers can help him pass Bill #734 by 1) sending a brief email to [email protected] (include your name and town), 2) putting “Support Sen. Suzio’s Bill # 734” in the subject line, and 3) copying the email to [email protected] .  Suzio ( represents Cheshire, Meriden, Middlefield, Middletown, and Rockfall.