Passover Message from Senator Boucher

April 10, 2017

Passover is one of the biggest and grandest festivals celebrated by the Jewish community across the world. Marked with immense zeal and gusto, Passover commemorates the freedom of the Jews from the brutal slavery of the Egyptians. Celebrations begin on the 14th day of the Nissan month, where family and friends gather together to mark the festivities with traditional customs and rituals. Enjoyment, merry making and joyfulness are the most significant highlights of the holiday. Delicious and scrumptious delicacies spread out their enticing aroma across the houses, reminding people of the holy festival.

To all of our Jewish friends:  In the words of Morris Joseph, “Passover affirms the great truths that liberty is the inalienable right of every human being.”

May you always be blessed with the rich and beautiful gifts of life. May your Pesach overflow with peace and love.