Your Voices Are Being Heard in Hartford.

March 24, 2017

I want to thank everyone who has been speaking out with me this week on behalf of victims of violent crime.

  •  You continue to sign my petition to end Gov. Malloy’s failed early prison release plan for murderers, rapists and other violent felons at .
  • You have been writing letters to newspapers in support of my Bill 428 to address Gov. Malloy’s failed plan.
  • You have been calling state lawmakers to demand that Bill 428 gets a vote.
  •  And you have been emailing legislators at [email protected] and telling them to “Pass Suzio’s Bill #428 and End Early Release”

Keep up the pressure on behalf of violent crime victims and their families!

Your voices are being heard!

Share this info with friends and neighbors.

Let’s get Bill #428 put onto Gov. Malloy’s desk!