Standing Up to Malloy

March 1, 2017

Most readers of the Rep-Am know that the Governor plans to drastically cut funding to suburban communities by shirking the state’s education funding obligation. He also expects municipalities to pick up the tab for resident state troopers. This is a double-whammy for rural communities like the ones I represent in northwestern Connecticut. In a letter published by the Rep-Am on Saturday [Public isn’t fooled as state shifts burdens to towns, Feb. 25], Kent selectman Jeffery Parkin said, “Can you spell tax increase?” He is exactly right. As it stands, lost state funding for education and state troopers will have to be made up by local property taxpayers.

Make no mistake; this budget is a disaster for rural Connecticut.

The Governor’s plan is as simple as it is cynical: take from the small towns who voted against him and give to the big cities who voted for him.

The good news is, now that Republicans have more say in the legislature, Malloy’s plan stands little chance of passage as it is currently written.

I pledge to work to right this injustice. I will not support any budget that does fails to treat rural and suburban communities fairly.

As always, you can contact me at 860-240-8800 or toll free 800-842-1421, by email [email protected], or on Facebook @SenatorMiner

State Senator Craig Miner