Reps. Lavielle and Dunsby, Sen. Boucher Lead Discussion of Critical Political Issues at a Crowded Town Hall in Georgetown

March 1, 2017

GEORGETOWN – State Representatives Gail Lavielle (R-143) and Adam Dunsby (R-135) listened to spirited questions and engaged in a productive dialogue with their constituents in the Georgetown area at a packed town hall meeting they hosted on Tuesday night alongside their Senate colleague, Sen. Toni Boucher (R-26).

More than 100 citizens crowded into the Gilbert and Bennett Cultural Center in Georgetown from across Fairfield County to raise their concerns over national, state, and local political issues with the representatives, who were eager to get a chance to have a conversation with their constituents. The legislators stood diligently and fielded dozens of questions over the course of the hour and a half event. Afterward, all three remained in the building for an extra hour to answer questions from those who did not have a chance to ask them during the town hall.

They were asked about various topics over the course of the meeting, including the governor’s budget proposal, special education program funding, environmental and natural resource protections, health insurance in the event of a change to the Affordable Care Act, and equal rights for the LGBT community.

“I was pleased to welcome to Georgetown such a large and passionate crowd with such a keen interest in current affairs and the effects of public policy on everyday life,” said Rep. Lavielle. “I always appreciate having the opportunity for serious conversation with constituents about issues that are important to them and for discussion of ways my colleagues and I can address their concerns. Connecticut’s budget and finances are in an extremely precarious condition, and the sooner we turn it around the more we will be able to do to address issues like education funding, tax pressure, the state of our transportation infrastructure, and the quality of social services. We were fortunate to hear from many residents of our area last night, and I want to thank the Gilbert & Bennett Community Center and its Executive Director Patricia Hegnauer for so graciously hosting our forum.”

“I thank everyone who attended this meeting and offered their views and asked questions. Town hall meetings like this one demonstrate that our constituents are informed and interested in government,” said Rep. Dunsby. “It’s important for me to hear your concerns and I hope I was able to provide insight into what is going on in Hartford. I especially hope I was able to convey the seriousness of the state’s desperate financial position. We need to resist the governor’s current plan to send our towns the bill for underfunded programs it has mismanaged for years.”

“I always enjoy meeting my constituents and it was a great turnout,” Sen. Boucher said. “We heard so many concerns and I know people are worried. They are worried about things happening on a federal level that we as state legislators cannot control. They are worried about the state budget and budget deficit. They are worried about what it means for the environment, the 2nd Amendment, special education, and local education funding. As we work toward developing a new biennial budget, hearing their concerns and input has never been more important.”

Constituents were pleased to have the opportunity to speak frankly with their legislators about hot-button topics and receive honest responses to their questions. The representatives, in turn, appreciated the feedback and thanked the group for offering their opinions on the issues.

Anyone who was unable to attend the event but would like to speak with Reps. Lavielle and Dunsby can reach them any time by contacting 800-842-1423. Sen. Boucher can be reached by contacting 800-842-1421.