Sen. Witkos, Rep. Case Aim to Help Torrington Homeowners Access Safe Drinking Water

February 24, 2017

Hartford – On Feb. 22 Senator Kevin Witkos (R-8) and Representative Jay Case (R-63) submitted testimony to the Connecticut Planning and Development Committee in favor of legislation that would help a group of Torrington homeowners with contaminated well water connect their homes to a safe drinking water supply.

Senate Bill No. 642 An Act Concerning the Lyman Drive Water Project in Torrington, would assist homeowners near Lyman Drive in Torrington who discovered over a decade ago that their well water was contaminated with Tetrachloroethylene, a dry cleaning chemical, believed to have been improperly disposed of by a dry cleaning business that is no longer in operation. The bill would allow effected homeowners to install city water lines to their homes and spread out the cost of this installation over a 30 year period, thereby making annual payments more affordable for each effected family.

“Having safe drinking water is a necessity that should never be taken for granted. We’ve all heard about the tragedies that have happened across our country when contamination of drinking water occurs and poses massive health risks. One community in Torrington knows this all too well,” Sen. Witkos stated in his written testimony. “This bill seeks to help that community that has struggled with contaminated, unsafe water for years by reducing the annual costs for homeowners to invest in a long-term solution to extend city water lines to their homes.”

“Passage of SB 642, by expanding the permissible amortization period to 30 years, is vital to the success of this project and would change the lives of many of Torrington’s residents,” said Rep. Case.

According to the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, exposure to tetrachloroethylene can affect the central nervous system (CNS), as well as the eyes, kidney, liver, lungs, mucous membranes, and skin. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified tetrachloroethylene as a probable human carcinogen.

“All families in our state deserve to have safe and clean drinking water. This proposal will make a permanent fix financially feasible for these homeowners,” said Witkos.

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