He’s listening….but…

February 22, 2017

Suzio2017-01-30TransportationCommitteeSB761of...As a member of the legislature’s Veterans’ Affairs Committee, I have been pushing to get state funding for honor guard rifle salutes at Connecticut veterans’ funerals restored.

Many of you have joined me in speaking out.

The governor’s proposed budget restores those unfair funding cuts.

This is evidence that he’s listening…

…but we need to keep up the pressure!

On Thursday, a public hearing will be held at the Legislative Office Building on the proposed state budget as it applies to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Those who wish to tell state lawmakers to restore the funding for the Connecticut Honor Guard can:

  1. send an email to [email protected] (the email may be as brief as you like)
  2. copy me at [email protected]
  3. put “Restore CT Honor Guard $$$” in the Subject Line
  4. sign my petition at www.SenatorSuzio.com
  5. share this information with concerned CT residents, veterans and their families.