Formica Urges Lawmakers to Oppose Federal Rail Bypass Plan

February 10, 2017


Hartford – On Feb. 6, Senator Paul Formica testified before the state’s Transportation Committee to urge lawmakers to oppose the Federal Railroad Administration’s controversial proposal to construct a bypass on the Northeast Corridor rail line between Old Saybrook, Connecticut to Kenyon, Rhode Island.

Sen. Formica spoke in favor of three bills regarding the project he introduced along with State Representative Devin Carney. One of the bills calls on the state legislature to pass a resolution indicating bipartisan opposition to the plan. The other two bills would require that any rail changes like the FRA’s proposal first be approved by a municipal referendum in the effected towns before such projects could move forward or get state funding.

“While we can all appreciate the desire to enhance transportation throughout our state, this proposal is deeply flawed and would cause significant damage to the local economy, communities and natural beauty of southeastern Connecticut,” Senator Formica testified. “A project of this magnitude would cause disastrous disruption of our communities and leave a completely transformed landscape, threatening the natural beauty and tranquility of our shoreline communities. This proposal has been vehemently opposed by our Congressional delegation and local lawmakers.

“By supporting this Resolution before the General Assembly, we can send a clear message to the federal government that we do not want this project,” said Formica.

VIDEO of Sen. Formica’s testimony and questions by the Transportation Committee can be viewed here: