State Senator Joe Markley Sworn in for Fifth Term

January 10, 2017

Hartford—State Senator Joe Markley (R-Southington) has been sworn in for his fifth term representing the 16th State Senate District, his fourth consecutive term since 2011. The district includes Southington, Wolcott, Prospect, the East End of Waterbury, and the northern section of Cheshire.

“I am honored by the confidence the people of my district showed in me at election time,” said Sen. Markley. “Republicans will have more of a say this year since the Senate is evenly split between the parties. It is my hope that we will use our influence to promote fiscal responsibility and to stop bad ideas in their tracks.”

Sen. Markley will serve as the Senate Republican Chairman of the Human Services Committee, Vice-Chairman of the Planning and Development Committee, and as a member of the Judiciary, Public Health, and Appropriations Committees.

“I have served a long time on the Human Services Committee and relish the opportunity to steer legislation to efficiently aid those at need in our state,” Sen. Markley said. “My proudest legislative achievement remains my sponsorship in the Human Services Committee of the original home care bill for elderly citizens, which has helped people remain in their homes instead of entering nursing homes, saving taxpayers tens of millions of dollars each year.

“I am also excited to take a seat on the Judiciary Committee,” said Sen. Markley. “This is a position which will allow me to speak up for our Constitutional Rights and common sense approaches to justice in our state.”

Sen. Markley hopes to use his position on the Planning and Development Committee to derail bills promoting a new level of regional government, which he considers a deceptive scheme to transfer more money from the suburbs to our largest cities.