Senator Boucher Proposes Legislation to Improve Special Education

January 31, 2017

State Senator Toni Boucher (R-26) today said three bills she proposed would help improve the quality of special education for students and teachers in Connecticut.

“Special education teachers have incredibly challenging jobs,” Sen. Boucher said. “The bills I have proposed will create a better environment for both teachers and students so that all special education students will get the attention they need.”

The bills referred to the legislature’s Education Committee for consideration are:

  • Proposed Bill No. 676, An Act Concerning the Creation of an Individualized Education Program Teacher
  • Proposed Bill No. 679, An Act Concerning the Total Number of Students Receiving Special Education in a Classroom
  • Proposed Bill No. 680, An Act Establishing a Total Number of Special Education Caseloads for Teachers.

Sen. Boucher said, “The goal of these bills is to reduce classroom size and caseloads for special education teachers. Additionally, creating the position of individualized education program teacher will reduce administrative duties for classroom teachers while dedicating one individual to oversee a school’s individualized education plans. Enacting these measures will help improve the quality of education for Connecticut’s neediest students.”

As Co-chair of the Education Committee, Sen. Boucher plays a role in setting meeting and public hearing agendas. No public hearing date has been set for these bills yet.

“As a lifelong advocate for education, I will use my position on the Education Committee to pursue measures that will give schools the tools they need to provide the best education for all of Connecticut’s children. Few things in our state are as important as preparing our future citizens and leaders.”

Sen. Boucher represents the communities of Bethel, New Canaan, Redding, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport, and Wilton.