Help Me Block the CT Mileage Tax!

January 25, 2017

Quick Headshots 2016-11-29 Len Suzio
Great news!
A public hearing has been scheduled for Monday, Jan. 30
on my proposal (Senate Bill #76) to de-fund the state’s study of a potential “Connecticut Mileage Tax”.

This is your chance to tell state lawmakers why you are opposed to a potential by-the-mile tax that would put a GPS chip in your vehicle and track your every move like Big Brother.

  • Tell them to stop wasting $300,000 of your tax money on this Mileage Tax study.
  • Ask them why $300,000 of your money is being spent on this study while, at the same time, state funding for rifle salutes at Connecticut veterans’ funerals is being cut!

Tell them to pass Sen. Suzio’s Senate Bill #76.
Here’s what you can do between now and Monday:

  1. send an email to TraTestimony (the comment can be as brief as you like)
  2. put Senate Bill # 76 in the email’s Subject Line
  3. if you wish, copy me on the email at [email protected]
  4. Share this info with fed up Connecticut taxpayers so they can speak out!

For more information about my bill:
Thank you!