“This is yet another CT tax hike.”

October 8, 2016

Sen. Toni Boucher, the Ranking Senator on the legislature’s Transportation Committee, issued the following statement regarding the state’s decision to hike rail and bus fares Dec. 1 despite vocal opposition from lawmakers and angry commuters:

“This is yet another Connecticut tax hike, yet another burden, and yet another slap in the face to Connecticut commuters.

“This Dec. 1 hike is on top of rates which have already been hiked over the last six years.

“Hundreds and hundreds of commuters spoke out against these fare hikes by signing the No Fare Increase petition. They told state officials they could not accommodate another demand on their wallets. They told state officials how they have no other options to get to and from work.

“Their voices were ignored. There’s no other way to put it.

“People are right to feel that their voices were not heard. People are right to feel that this administration turned a deaf ear and that this decision was pre-determined.

“The public hearing process did not work. The DOT was just going through the motions.

“During our Sep. 28 Special Session at the State Capitol, Senate Republicans attempted to start a discussion about eliminating the fare hikes. Democrats ruled us out of order.

“To Connecticut commuters in Fairfield County and around the state:

“I will continue to support you.

“I understand that these trends of tax and fare hikes are unsustainable and are driving residents and businesses out of state.

“I will continue to make the point that Connecticut commuters pay over 75 percent of their daily commute, while New York supports their commuters by subsidizing 50 percent.

“I will continue giving voice to beleaguered commuters and taxpayers and I won’t stop until they are finally heard in Hartford.”