Sen. Boucher to CT Higher Ed Officials: “Reject” Massive Comm. College Tuition Hike

October 12, 2016

Sen. Boucher Opposes Potential Tuition Hike

“Reject this proposal”

Regents Board Meets Thursday

Sen. Toni Boucher is urging state higher education officials to reject a proposal to hike tuition for students in the Connecticut’s community college system.

The state Board of Regents, which is scheduled to meet at 10 a.m. on Oct 13, is considering a tuition hike of $150 and $74 in mandatory fees for every credit a student takes above 12, an increase of 64.5 % over the current rate.

“Reject this proposal,” Sen. Boucher wrote to the Board on Oct. 11. “Find ways to maintain an affordable higher education for our students.”

Sen. Boucher noted that over the past few years, students in the Connecticut’s community college system have been faced with a steady increase in cost of their college education.

The Board of Regents enacted a 3.5% tuition increase earlier this year.

The community college option, Sen. Boucher wrote, “becomes less viable with every tuition increase the Board of Regents approves.”

Sen. Boucher noted that poor budgeting and budget deficits have led to tuition hikes in the double digits.

“A more than 64 percent tuition hike?” Sen Boucher said. “This is awful – and it is completely unnecessary. If the leadership in Hartford managed our state tax dollars better, we would not be at this point. Students should not be forced to pay for fiscal mismanagement at the Connecticut State Capitol. That’s why I am urging state residents to join me in opposing this massive tuition hike.

“College is becoming less affordable and less accessible for middle- and low-income families. This is a dangerous trend. Higher education is the great equalizer. The best way to close the income gap is to close the education gap. Higher education allows everyone from any background to climb the economic ladder. Education access and quality has always been and will continue to be my top priority.”

Sen. Boucher serves as the Ranking member of the Elementary and Secondary Education Committee. She previously served as a Member of the Higher Education Committee overseeing Connecticut public universities and community colleges.

**** Sen. Boucher ( represents Bethel, New Canaan, Redding, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport and Wilton.