Sen. Hwang, Senate GOP Unveil Legislative Agenda: “A Confident Future”

September 15, 2016


A Confident Future

Sen. Tony Hwang and the Connecticut Senate Republicans on Sep. 15 unveiled their policy agenda for the 2017 legislative session.

The plan “A Confident Future” presents multiple policy proposals aimed at moving Connecticut in a new direction to grow jobs, renew business confidence, build opportunity, and restore people’s trust in government.

The plan outlines the Republican priorities the caucus will pursue in the 2017 legislative session which begins in January.

“These proposals will put Connecticut back on a predictable and stable financial path,” Sen. Hwang said. “The taxpayers and business owners I represent in Easton, Fairfield, Newtown, Weston and Westport want to see Connecticut move in that direction. They are overburdened by ever-rising rail fares, electric rates, and health insurance costs. They have seen two record-setting tax hikes in five years. They have been pushed to the brink and they don’t trust the current leadership in Hartford to do the right thing. These ideas will confront Connecticut’s long- and short-term challenges, foster business confidence and make our state more affordable. I am proud to be a part of this Republican plan.”

“A Confident Future” identifies three main areas Republicans will focus their efforts:

1) Creating Financial Stability and Predictability. A reliable state with business confidence is the best environment to grow jobs. By reforming the state’s spending and borrowing, Republicans plan to improve the state’s financial health to support a more predictable business environment so that job creators don’t have to worry about what new tax proposals could be awaiting them in bad budget years.

Republican budget proposals include properly funding transportation needs without tolls or new taxes like the mileage tax, reducing the size of state bureaucracy, and making long term structural changes to government. The Republican priorities also include specific tax relief proposals to reduce the burdens on individuals and job creators, such as property tax relief and phasing out taxation of pension income.

2) Supporting Families and Growing Opportunity. Connecticut’s future depends on supporting our families and creating opportunities for all to succeed. The Republican plan includes policy proposals to strengthen Connecticut cities and help improve life for families in urban areas. It also includes reforms for the state’s child welfare agency, proposes restoring education funding that was cut in recent budgets, protects seniors and the developmentally disabled, and offers new ideas to improve health care and insurance quality and accessibility.

3) Restoring Trust in Government. The Republican legislative agenda contains proposals to ensure that government operates efficiently and transparently and uses tax dollars as wisely as possible. Proposals include ideas to reduce DMV wait times, eliminate waste, live within our means, strengthen campaign financing laws, and create a more transparent budget writing process.

Attached photo: During the Sep. 14 DOT rail fare hike hearing in Stamford, Sen. Tony Hwang tells a News 12 reporter why he opposes fare hikes. Sen. Hwang and the Connecticut Senate Republicans on Sep. 15 unveiled their policy agenda for the 2017 legislative session. Details of the plan can be found at and . Sen. Hwang can be reached at 800 842-1421 and at [email protected] . Sen. Hwang represents Easton, Fairfield, Newtown, Weston and Westport.