Sen. Witkos Applauds New Law to Phase in Modernized Parking Signs for Individuals with Disabilities

June 30, 2016




Canton – Senator Kevin Witkos (R-Canton) applauded the passage of a new state law that modernizes the signage used to designate reserved parking spaces for persons with disabilities.

To commemorate the passage of Public Act 16-78 An Act Modernizing the Symbol of Access for Persons with Disabilities, Senator Witkos joined disability rights advocates at a bill signing ceremony with Governor Dannel P. Malloy on Wednesday June 29 at The Arc Favarh in Canton.

“With the passage of this bill I was thrilled to see resounding support for a movement to change the way people view individuals with disabilities,” said Witkos. “Changing Connecticut’s parking signs is an important step in the journey to use more positive language and images when describing the needs of someone who has a disability. Connecticut should be doing everything we can to help empower people with disabilities. This is not just about changing a sign. It’s about changing expectations and attitudes.”

All new parking spaces formerly designated as “handicapped” will now be marked “reserved.” In addition, the state will begin using a modernized active symbol of a person in a wheelchair in all visual signage.

The new signs will only be installed when a new accessible parking space is created or when an old sign needs replacement. Phasing in this change will result in no additional costs to state taxpayers for this update.

The symbol will also be phased in to use on license plates and placards.

“I applaud the amazing people at Favarh for spearheading this effort. They came up with this idea, began a petition and brought it to the attention of state leaders. It was their incredible hard work that made this possible today. I also applaud the state legislature, which passed this new law with large bipartisan support.”

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