DMV Update: Emissions Late Notices are Late are Going Out

June 23, 2016

The DMV has announced that it will begin to send out the approximately 200,000 late fee notices for emissions tests that accumulated since August, 2015. The DMV temporarily stopped issuing late fees following its computer system upgrade.

The notices, which carry a $20 fee for late emissions tests, will begin hitting mail boxes in the next few days. The DMV has said it will take several weeks for all outstanding notices to be mailed out.

Starting on June 24, residents who receive a notice in the mail will be able to pay the fee online at The DMV has also posted an FAQ page for those who may have questions about their late fees.

This timing of this effort to catch up on ten months of backlogged late fee notices is inconvenient for residents, but a necessary step toward the DMV putting its administrative house in order.