I Stand with the Families

May 3, 2016

Saturday morning I had the opportunity to meet with families at the Ella T. Grasso Regional Center that is proposed to be close.

Families asked: why would our government not put our limited resources in core services for people in need?

While Connecticut is facing a $960 million deficit for next year, majority Democrats have yet to provide a balanced budget for our state to move forward.

Even as the Ella T. Grasso Regional Center is being closed due to budgetary problems, the legislative Democrats spent Saturday creating a new bureaucracy for private sector employee retirement plans that could cost the state as much as $10 million. On the other hand, Senate Republicans offered an alternative plan adopted in Washington State that would create a private sector marketplace for low cost retirement plans that would have cost taxpayers nothing.

This is an example of a poor policy choice going on in Hartford and is why we don’t have money to help people in need; people that rely on core government services.

Rather than creating costly new government programs, state government needs to focus on maintaining and delivering core services, like those provided at the Ella T. Grasso Regional Center.

Click below to watch my 1 minute wrap up on the floor of the senate:

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.10.51 AM