Fasano Statement on CBIA’s Urging of Lawmakers to Support the Democrat Budget

May 9, 2016

Fasano Statement on CBIA’s Urging of Lawmakers to Support the Democrat Budget

Hartford – Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement today regarding the Connecticut Business and Industry Association’s efforts to urge lawmakers to vote in favor of the Democrat budget plan scheduled for a vote this week.

“Today CBIA launched a campaign urging lawmakers to vote in favor of a budget that does nothing more than support the status quo. They caved to the pressure of the majority party and are not acting in the best interests of those they are supposed to represent. CBIA’s bar has been lowered so much so that any budget without direct tax increases is all they need to claim victory. I believe the people and businesses of our state deserve better.

“As businesses continue to leave Connecticut, CBIA may have acquiesced to the Democrat majority, but Republican lawmakers won’t. We are not afraid of a fight, we are not afraid of the majority party, and we are not afraid to take a stand and push for real change. It is our responsibility to move our state in a direction that creates sustainability and predictability. We need much more than a promise not to raise taxes over the next few months. We need a long-term commitment to structural changes that reduce current burdens and prevent future burdens from falling onto our job creators, our communities and our families. A shortsighted budget will only lead to more taxes in future years. That’s why we need to make long-term changes now.

“CBIA is accepting business as usual at the state Capitol, perhaps in fear of retribution next year. They are telling lawmakers to support a budget that does not make the significant policy changes our state needs to build a better future. Instead, they are backing a budget that cuts from the core functions of government and was built on the simple fact that the state is out of money. It’s a budget that aims to address the effect of the problem, but does nothing to target the cause. Republicans won’t sit back and accept the same-old-do-nothing approach. We will continue pushing for real change and standing up for the people and job creators we represent.”