State Senator Joe Markley’s Statement on the Appropriations Budget

April 6, 2016

Hartford-State Senator Joe Markley (R-Southington) today criticized what he termed “the most pointless day I have witnessed at the Capitol.”

The State Senate met today for a full session, but the only matter considered was an emergency certified resolution urging the United States Senate to hold a vote on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. Later, the Appropriations Committee passed on party lines a 2017 budget correction that did nothing to address that year’s deficit.

“To paraphrase Jefferson, I tremble for my state when I consider that the numbers are the numbers,” said Senator Markley. “Governor Malloy and his Democratic allies in the legislature denied a looming fiscal disaster for five long years. They squandered our chance to reduce the size of government gradually and carefully.

“Now we make disastrous cuts—including well over a million dollars in aid for education in the communities I represent—instead of addressing our bloated bureaucracy. The Appropriations document doesn’t even pretend to address our situation, leaving a deficit of nearly half a billion dollars in next year’s budget.

“This budget document is shows the lack of will in the majority party to address our dreadful fiscal crisis. The Governor said just today that he would have a new budget next week, which shows how little even he thinks of this document.

“On the same day that we fail to deal with our budget crisis, the Senate took up just one piece of business: a resolution telling the US Senate what to do,” said Senator Markley. “This really is hypocritical and tone deaf in the extreme. We have four weeks left in the session. How can the majority party, which refuses to face its responsibility to pass an honest budget, think it appropriate to waste the people’s time trying to tell the U.S. Senate what to do?”