DMV Announces it will Cut Ties with Vendor 3M

April 19, 2016

Senator Toni Boucher

The Department of Motor Vehicles has announced that it will no longer be using 3M to develop and implement future upgrades to its computer system. Under an agreement with the DMV, the company remains responsible for fixing the errors and computer glitches which have frustrated DMV customers since phase two of the new system was unveiled in August, 2015. However, the DMV will seek a new vendor to for the third round of upgrades, known as Release 3, which is intended to modernize the department’s licensing system.

I welcome this news as a sign that the DMV is prepared to acknowledge past mistakes and move forward. In a statement released earlier, the department said it will be collecting input from its customers in an effort to improve service and create a more customer-centered environment.

As encouraging as this sounds, the DMV must ultimately be judged by the tangible improvements it provides for its beleaguered customers, who have encountered unacceptable wait times, and even more of the bureaucratic problems that the new computer system was meant to avoid.

Adding insult to injury, over the weekend we found out that due to data issues many car owners where never notified that their vehicle emissions tests were due or that a late fee was assessed and will now face fines. The DMV is expecting to collect $4 million because of this error.

I intend to follow this decision closely and look forward to seeing its effects on the DMV’s future performance. The DMV must do everything in its power to provide a more efficient and user friendly experience that prioritizes the needs of its customers above all.

*Senator Toni Boucher is the ranking member of the Transportation Committee