CT Republican Plan Offers a “Pathway to Sustainability”

April 25, 2016

Rep. Eric Berthel and Sen. Rob Kane on Apr. 25 unveiled a “Pathway to Sustainability” – an alternative state budget put forth by legislative Republicans which contains no tax hikes.

State Sen. Rob Kane, Rep. Eric Berthel and legislative Republicans on Apr. 25 unveiled an alternative state budget which makes structural reforms, restores funding for hospitals and local education, and contains no tax or fee hikes.

Sen. Kane said, “Once again, minority Republicans are leading the way forward at the State Capitol. Our budget plan has no new taxes and no new fees. We protect our most vulnerable residents, we restore funding that the governor and majority Democrats on the Appropriations Committee cut for local education, and we provide mandate relief for towns. The Republican path will lead Connecticut back to predictability, sustainability and stability.”

Rep. Berthel said, “House of cards budgeting from majority party legislators over the last few years has left them without a hand to play. They can’t paper over these deficits—they have to face these problems head-on, and it’s my hope that the ideas we’ve outlined in our forward-looking budget framework will prove to them that it can be done. We can get our state out of its fiscal funk, but only if we take bold action. Now.”

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Pathway to Sustainability Summary
Pathway to Sustainability