Watertown Resident Takes MS Action Message to State Capitol

March 30, 2016

Watertown resident Janelle Wilk joined Sen. Rob Kane and Rep. Eric Berthel at the State Capitol on Mar. 29 to mark “Multiple Sclerosis Action Day” and to raise awareness about the disease.

Kane and Berthel introduced Wilk to their fellow state legislators, noting how Wilk has given her time and energy to serving Watertown residents on the Board of Education and on the Republican Town Committee at the same time she has been fighting the disease. Kane and Berthel thanked Wilk for “inspiring others to get involved so that we can move toward a world free of MS.” For more information, visit www.ctfightsMS.org . Attached photo, left to right: Sen. Rob Kane, Janelle Wilk and Rep. Eric Berthel.