Senator Kevin Kelly attends Stratford Chamber of Commerce Breakfast

March 17, 2016

Stratford—Senator Kevin Kelly and other state legislators representing Stratford where invited to attend a March 15 breakfast with the Stratford Chamber of Commerce which focused on issues facing small businesses and families in Connecticut.

The Stratford Chamber of Commerce works to enhance the quality of life in Stratford through advocacy and action in the areas of economic development, education, transportation, and the environment. (

“I would like to thank the Stratford Chamber for inviting me for a conversation about the many issues facing our state,” said Sen. Kelly. “Hearing from community leaders exactly how more taxes and regulations are killing middle class jobs troubles me, but does not surprise me.”

“In Hartford I work to stop job killing legislation and overbearing regulations. The government can provide services to our most needy without raising taxes by finding efficiencies and partnering with non-profits to deliver services at a lower cost. We must do more with less.”

“By balancing the current deficit, restoring hurtful cuts to hospitals and our healthcare, without layoffs or turning governments back on those most in need, Republican leadership will put Connecticut back on a path to prosperity. Connecticut can be what it once was through fiscal discipline and responsibility which focuses on the public interest, not special interests, and plans for generations not elections.”