Sen. Fasano Calls for Vote on UConn Contract

March 2, 2016

Sen. Fasano is calling for the legislature to vote on the UConn Professional Employees Association contract. The letter, sent to legislative leaders, reads in part:

“Connecticut is stuck in a troubling financial situation. Years of historic tax increases have damaged the economy and only led to larger and larger deficits in the state budget. I think we are finally at the tipping point where Democrats are beginning to see what Republicans have for so long – the trouble on the horizon is profound. At a time like this we are in no position to be guaranteeing years of 4.5% wage increases. And young people in our state are in no position to take on more burdens with higher tuition rates that will undoubtedly result from the proposed contract before us.

“Republicans believe we should vote on every single contract before they go into effect and we need to start with this contract. We are an important part of our state’s checks and balances and we have to meet that responsibility. Denying us a vote on this contract not only evades our responsibility, it would show a complete disconnect with the realities facing our state.”

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