Sen. Fasano Calling on Spending Cap Commission to Meet

March 8, 2016

Hartford – Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) is calling on the state Spending Cap Commission to hold its first meeting. Sen. Fasano sent the attached letter to all 22 members and appointees of the Commission. The first meeting was supposed to occur within 60 days of Public Act 15-1’s effective date of December 29, 2015. That deadline has come and gone. Text of the attached letter is below:

Dear Members of the Spending Cap Commission:

The Commission on which you serve was established in the December 2015 special session to put an end to the uncertainties surrounding our state’s unenforceable spending cap. It is your responsibility to aid the legislature in adopting clear definitions for the cap, and it is a job that must begin immediately.

Public Act 15-1 establishes that the deadline to make appointments to the Spending Cap Commission was 30 days past its effective date, putting the appointment deadline at Thursday, January 28, 2016. The act also established that the first meeting of the commission was to take place 60 days past the legislation’s effective date, meaning that the first meeting should have occurred by Friday, February 26, 2016. Since both those deadlines have passed, I am writing today to request that the Commission hold its first organization meeting in two weeks’ time.

In order to facilitate this meeting, I have reserved Room 1D in the Legislative Office Building from 11am -12pm on Tuesday March 15th to be used by the Commission to hold this first meeting.

In Governor Malloy’s State of the State address he echoed Republicans’ calls for enacting an enforceable state spending cap this year and called for action that is already long overdue. It has been over two decades since the people of our state voted in overwhelming support of a state spending cap. Yet during that time voters have not gotten the spending cap they were promised. Our job is to change that.

The important work of this Commission should not be delayed any further. I hope that all members will make themselves available to begin this process on Tuesday March 15.

Len Fasano
Senate Minority Leader