Markley Letter to Businesses: Beware of Tax Increases

March 11, 2016

Hartford-State Senator Joe Markley (R-Southington) sent a letter to area businesses explaining the state’s unstable budget situation and warned of future tax increases.

“We’re at another crossroads now,” said Markley. “After two huge tax increases in four years, we face the largest shortfall yet: four billion dollars in the 2017-18 budget.”

Markley expressed doubt that major structural changes would be made to the budget this session to plug the massive deficits looming next year.

“I expect no serious steps will be taken in the current session to address the impending disaster, which means pressure to raise taxes again next year will be tremendous.”

Markley pointed to past gimmicks used to hoodwink taxpayers.

“Remember this: the constitutional spending cap amendment that voters approved overwhelmingly in 1992 still awaits implementation.”