Legislators Hear Concerns of Redding Residents

March 29, 2016

REDDING – State Representatives John Shaban (R-135) and Dan Carter (R-2) with Sen. Toni Boucher (R-26) hosted a town hall meeting last night at the Mark Twain Library to update constituents on legislative issues being debated in Hartford and to listen to local concerns.

With the FY16 deficit mitigation now passed through the House, most of the discussion centered around the state budget, state spending, and the continuing tax and regulatory assault on employers.

“Years of fiscal recklessness are, as predicted, resulting in negative impacts to public policy now,” said Rep. Shaban. “We will patch this year’s budget holes with cuts to programs and one-time sweeps, but are still faced with a $900 million deficit next year and a $3-plus billion shortfall in the next budget cycle. Without major structural changes to the size and burn rate of our state government, we will continue the current decline in both the private and public sector.”

“I am glad we’re going to be able to help the state out of this current budget deficit mess, but the real battle is ahead when we make structural changes to the budget,” said Rep. Carter. “We’ve thus far been able to work in a bipartisan manner towards our administrative goals but the real test will be dealing with the fiscal ruin looming on the horizon.”

“I was grateful to hear from my constituents about the challenges they continue to face in Connecticut. It is clear that the state’s taxpayers and struggling businesses cannot afford state leaders falling back into a pattern of inaction and on the state budget. I will continue to work with my colleagues and reach out to all sides in an effort to devise ways to reduce our debt and make the structural changes that will be the only way out of a permanent fiscal crisis,” said Sen. Boucher.