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March 4, 2016

Hartford– Senator Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) released the following statement regarding a memo from Governor Dannel P. Malloy’s budget office declaring that state funding for Connecticut hospitals will be withheld.

“There is bipartisan outrage at the Capitol. The Governor has broken a promise. After taxing our hospitals to the point that layoffs have already occurred and even more may be necessary, the Governor has put a stop to the payment of $140 million in funds promised to hospitals for the care they give to our neediest residents.”

“Our state budget is in big trouble, but not reimbursing hospitals for the services they provide to those most in need is not the right way to balance a budget. The state needs to make structural changes in the way it does business so that we are not looking to cut services or raise taxes year in and year out. There are more than a dozen state employee contracts up for negotiation that could help make up the shortfalls so that hospitals can keep treating our sick, injured, and dying”

Education Mandates FYI

The state of Connecticut levies approximately 380 mandates on public schools. Though well intentioned, many of these mandates are expensive and unfunded by the state.

I believe that education works best under local control and am supporting the CT Association of Public School Superintendents in their call for restricting the number of new mandates this year.

In the current economy environment, in which towns are facing choices between cutting services and raising taxes, we cannot place more unfunded burdens on local boards of education and taxpayers.

Click here for the list of current mandates.

Sen. Toni Boucher, Ranking member Education Committee

*Sen. Toni Boucher’ office can be contacted by phone: 1-800-842-1421 or email: [email protected]