Fasano, Yaccarino Co-sponsor Veteran-Friendly Legislation

March 4, 2016

Hartford – Senator Len Fasano (R-North Haven) and Representative Dave Yaccarino (R-North Haven) are cosponsoring legislation to support Veteran-Owned Small Businesses.

The proposed legislation, Senate Bill 2, would allow the Department of Administrative Services to give a 15% price preference to veteran-owned micro-businesses bidding on state contracts. It would also give every new veteran-owned small business established on or after July 1, 2016 an exemption from the first $250 business entity tax payment.

This bill includes ideas that were proposed to the legislature in 2010 by North Haven veteran Anthony Pileggi. Lawmakers worked with Pileggi to draft legislation and propose an early version of the idea to provide a state contracting preference for veteran-owned businesses. Pileggi, a Vietnam War veteran, was a North Haven architect who advocated for legislation to support veteran-owned businesses. Pileggi passed away in 2013.

Senator Len Fasano testified in support of the legislation at the Capitol on Thursday. He commended lawmakers for raising the bill this year and remembered the hard work of Pileggi.

“I applaud lawmakers for working to better support veteran-owned small businesses,” said Sen. Fasano. “A proposal to establish this type of price preference was originally brought to my attention back in 2010 by Anthony Pileggi, a Vietnam War veteran and architect from North Haven. Anthony worked with local lawmakers to propose similar legislation in the past. Sadly, Anthony passed away in 2013, but I know if he were here with us today he would be extremely happy to see his idea finally move forward and garner bipartisan support.”

Representative Dave Yaccarino who serves as Ranking Member of the state’s Veterans Committee which raised the bill, also applauded his colleagues for working together to advance the legislation this year.

“I am incredibly proud of the legislature’s efforts to garner support for small businesses and particularly, businesses owned by those who worked to serve and protect our country,” said Rep. Yaccarino. “I began working on this project after being elected to office in 2011 and I have been proud to champion efforts to help our veterans ever since.”