Fasano, Kane: Stop Gov. Malloy’s cuts by supporting the Republican plan; Democrats’ inaction should not stop vote next week

March 18, 2016

Hartford – Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) and State Senator Rob Kane (R-Watertown), ranking member on the Appropriations Committee, released the following statement regarding Governor Dannel P. Malloy’s latest round of rescissions and continued delays by Democrats to share their ideas to close the budget shortfall. The governor’s cuts include reductions in funding for residential and day services for people with developmental disabilities and funding for mental health care. The Republican lawmakers are calling on those who oppose the rescissions to support the Republicans’ budget fix proposed earlier this week and encourage the legislature to act on the plan next week.

“Democrats have once again let the state of Connecticut down. People in Connecticut are angry about the governor’s cuts, especially people who rely on social services and nonprofit providers to care for their loved loves. The only reason why these cuts are on the table now is because the Democrats have dragged out releasing their own ideas and they’ve refused to immediately implement the Republican proposed budget fix, thereby forcing the governor to propose his own cuts. Today, Democrats were finally supposed to come out with their own proposal, but we still have nothing,” said Fasano and Kane.

“Given the governor’s new cuts, it makes it more imperative now that the legislature acts on an alternative plan immediately, and the only ones that have put out a responsible, complete alternative plan are the Republicans. We believe there should be a vote by Wednesday of next week, and we’re prepared to make senators and staff available to work over the weekend to make that happen. If we want to avoid the governor’s more painful cuts, we have to pass a budget fix as soon as possible. Waiting until the end of the month is not an option and was never an option. While Democrats have been able to put together budgets and massive implementer bills in just a few days, it’s been over a week since the governor’s request for ideas was issued and we are still waiting for their plan. We are running out of time.

“To all those service providers who have spoken out against deep cuts, please know that Republicans have always been on your side and we remain your advocates today. Republicans proposed a plan at the beginning of the week that makes targeted, surgical cuts to the budget while also restoring funding for hospitals, for residential and day services, and for private providers that care for those most in need. We understand that many nonprofits and social service providers cannot withstand additional deep cuts, which is why we proposed a plan that recognized the importance of restoring funding for core services. The reasonable, balanced Republican proposal laid out this week was applauded as an honest effort by Democrats, and Gov. Malloy even said he would sign it into law should it be passed by the General Assembly. But Democrats have yet to act. Republicans need your support to convince the majority to move quickly. To avoid a painful path, urge the majority party to join the minority and pass the Republican plan immediately.”