A “Double Tax” We Should Get Rid Of

March 8, 2016

Here’s an opportunity to end an unfair “double tax” in Connecticut.

On Wednesday, a public hearing has been scheduled on a bill which would phase out the tax on Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

Here’s what the North Haven Surgery Center’s Administrator Susan Bojka had to say about this tax:

“This ‘double tax’ on our centers, which already pay sales and local property taxes, could mean closures, cutbacks, and staff layoffs, which would force patients to undergo their surgical procedures at more expensive surgery settings. We are asking our elected officials to recognize the flawed nature of this tax, and promptly repeal it, for the benefit of patients, taxpayers and our healthcare system.”

Here’s how you can help us.

1) Fill out the form below to submit your testimony on why you support this bill to phase out the tax on Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

2) Your testimony can be as brief as you like. Just include your name and town. Refer to the bill as House Bill 5493.

3) Spread the word to others about this opportunity to lower our tax burdens!

House Bill 5493 can be viewed at: https://www.cga.ct.gov/2016/TOB/h/2016HB-05493-R00-HB.htm

Thank you!