Witkos, Martin, Piscopo Address State Budget Concerns in Harwinton

February 3, 2016

HarwintonSenator Kevin Witkos, Senator Henri Martin and Representative John Piscopo, met with concerned taxpayers in Harwinton to preview the upcoming legislative session and discuss key issues Connecticut lawmakers plan to tackle in the wake of another tough budget year.

The lawmakers held a town hall on Wednesday, January 27 to provide local residents with a legislative update and to give people an opportunity to share their own thoughts with their local legislators. Many who attended shared deep concerns for the state’s high taxes and economic problems.

“Hearing from so many community members motivates me as a lawmaker to continue working to reduce burdens on our families and employers,” said Sen. Witkos. “I want to thank everyone who came out to share their perspective and ask questions about the state budget and the direction our state is heading. The truth is our budget is in trouble. Now is time for serious change. Republicans will work hard this session to make long-term structural changes to the way our state budgets. We hope the exodus of jobs and people from our state serves as a wakeup call to other lawmakers to join us in our efforts to put Connecticut back on a path to prosperity.”

“We thought the turnout was excellent, and we thank Harwinton taxpayers for being active and involved in the future of their state,” Sen. Martin said. “Sen. Witkos, Rep. Piscopo and I heard you loud and clear. We will continue to fight for policies which lower your tax burdens, improve our business climate and get the state’s finances in order. The taxpayers must always come first.”

“It is evident by the questions and comments we heard that the people are informed on the issues and they are frustrated,” said Rep. Piscopo. “It is disheartening that the majority party is content to operate fiscally under what is sadly becoming the ‘new norm’ of continuing budget deficits, only to pass tax hikes on the middle class to cover those deficits. We can and must do better for the people of Connecticut. I appreciate the time that people took out of their evenings to come and speak with us about what concerns them. I encourage any resident who would like to voice a thought or opinion to contact me at [email protected] or call my office 860-240-8700.”

Multiple attendees shared their own personal stories of why they believe many of their friends and family members have left or are planning to leave Connecticut. Attendees also raised questions about accountability in state government including how the state manages taxpayer dollars.

The lawmakers emphasized the importance of addressing shortfalls in the state budget this year, and adopting policies during session to make long-term changes to improve state finances and local economies.

The legislative session begins on February 3, 2016.