When the Government works with private business to deliver services, the taxpayer wins.

February 10, 2016

On Governor Malloy’s new proposal to privatize some DMV functions; Sen. Boucher stated:

“I am again very happy to hear another Republican idea from the Governor, who today proposed allowing the state to provide vehicle registration services through private contractors. The Governor should remain resolute in this proposal as there will be many that will fight against it. Unlike with the current DMV, most people have a very positive experience when renewing their licenses at AAA, a private organization. If we succeed in implementing a partial privatization of some DMV functions, the taxpayer wins, not only because their dollars will be used more efficiently, but because the private sector has more on the line, and more reason to deliver services at a lower cost, on time, and accurately.”

“However, while we take a step toward privatizing more DMV functions, the DMV must also solve their massive computer software problems. Transportation remains a core function of government and it should continue to be a top priority.”

Sen. Boucher disagreed with a proposal to enroll voters through the DMV.

“The proposal to register all customers to vote at the DMV is fraught with problems. Voter registration is already available at the DMV and at many other government locations. The problem is not registering people to vote but rather getting people to vote. Furthermore, burdening the DMV with additional responsibilities is unwarranted when the department is struggling to accomplish its core functions, such as accurately listing the towns in which vehicles are currently registered and transmitting information accurately to municipal tax assessors. Our local registrars of voters do a great job and we should rely on their expertise in facilitating voter registration and in maintaining the integrity and credibly of our voting system, a paramount concern.”