Westbrook Lawmakers Applaud $$ to Review Clean Up of Turnpike Auto Wrecker Property

February 11, 2016

WESTBROOK – Westbrook legislators are applauding the Feb. 10 award of a $200,000 state grant to investigate the remediation of the Turnpike Auto Wrecker property at 88 Pond Meadow Road.

Sen. Art Linares, Rep. Devin Carney, and Rep. Jesse MacLachlan had written state officials in November urging that the property be considered for the grant.

Linares, Carney, and MacLachlan credited Westbrook First Selectman Noel Bishop for his work and advocacy on behalf of the remediation project.

“This site, with testing and cleanup, can once again become a valuable part of Westbrook’s landscape,” Sen. Linares said. “We appreciate that the State of Connecticut has taken note of this property and that steps are being taken to return it to productive use.”

“As a shoreline community, Westbrook is especially sensitive environmentally,” Rep. Carney said. “The sooner we are able to remove the toxins and refuse from this property, the more likely we are to prevent irreversible damage to the water supply and wildlife. We thank the state for this award.”

“It’s good news for a property that has been sitting idle for years,” Rep. MacLachlan said. “We continue to speak with one voice on behalf of Westbrook. This is a common sense investment which will pay many future dividends.”