Letter: Small-business environment too unpredictable

February 17, 2016

Republican American

Connecticut’s new car-wash tax has taxpayers and small businesses in a lather, and rightly so (Feb. 10 editorial, “Tax crisis at the car wash”).

There was no hearing, so the process of adding this tax was flawed from the start. The majority of states don’t have this tax. Car-wash owners only had 12 hours notice.

Then, there is the confusion about how small businesses are supposed to collect the tax.

Bottom line? This is the type of uncertainty that small-business owners across Connecticut deal with every day. They never know when the rug will get pulled out from under them by the majority Democratic Party in Hartford.

A tax increase, a new fee, or a revenue enhancement could be slapped on them at any minute.

This year, we’ve got to change the way business is done in Hartford, before we drive car washes and other family-run operations out of business.

Want to bring back confidence in Connecticut’s future? Bring back certainty and predictability.

Republicans at the state Capitol will continue to work to eliminate this and many other tax burdens. We hope Democrats in the House and Senate will join us in the fight.

Kevin Witkos


Sen. Witkos, a Republican, represents the 8th Senate District. He is Senate minority leader pro tempore and was referenced in the Feb. 10 editorial.