Lawmakers Applaud $$ for New Fairfield

February 16, 2016

State Lawmakers Applaud Grant for New Fairfield

NEW FAIRFIELD – New Fairfield state lawmakers are applauding the Feb. 11 announcement of a $499,960 state grant to improve pedestrian walkways in town.

Sen. Michael McLachlan, Rep. Jan Giegler and Rep. Richard A. Smith said the funding will serve to complete the final phase of the streetscape improvements projects by continuing to extend the decorative walks, plantings, street lighting and improved connections to the retail and business centers of downtown New Fairfield. The legislators said the local community will benefit from this project with increased safe pedestrian access between the Town Hall Center, retail shopping centers, office buildings and green spaces downtown.

“We want to do all we can to make downtown New Fairfield a walkable, welcoming, and accessible place,” Sen. McLachlan said. “These funds will help this key area to become more inviting to residents, visitors, and to all who conduct business in New Fairfield. We appreciate the state’s attention to New Fairfield’s needs.”

“I’m pleased the state was able to direct this grant money to New Fairfield to be used as a continued investment into the character and infrastructure of the downtown area which will enhance the town,” Rep. Giegler said. “Making it easier for people to enjoy the area is good for both businesses and the community.”

“Providing a safe way for our residents and visitors to enjoy the downtown area will help our local businesses prosper,” noted Rep. Smith, “A growing local economy creates stability and makes our community stronger.”
The grant was awarded through the state’s Small Town Economic Assistance Program.