$$ for Seymour Applauded by State Lawmakers

February 11, 2016

State Lawmakers Applaud Grant for Seymour

Seymour state lawmakers are applauding the Feb. 11 announcement of a $200,000 state grant to replace sidewalks in town.

This funding leverages previous investments to continue the construction and replacement of sidewalks in a more densely populated section of town, which includes many multi-family homes.

“Sidewalks are an important ingredient for a truly livable community,” Rep. Theresa Conroy said. “This is great news for Seymour.”

“It makes sense to create better pedestrian access to public transportation,” Sen. Rob Kane said. “These improvements will also create better connections to local parks and recreation areas. We congratulate First Selectman Kurt Miller and the entire town on this award.”

“We want to do all we can to make Seymour a safer, more walkable, more accessible place,” Sen. Kevin Kelly said. “These funds will help this key area to become more inviting to residents and visitors. We appreciate the state’s attention to our needs.”
The grant was awarded through the state’s Small Town Economic Assistance Program.