Linares Supports Marinas, Opposes Dredging Proposal

February 22, 2016

Sen. Art Linares on Feb. 19 testified against a legislative proposal that would complicate harbor dredging and negatively impact Connecticut marinas.

“My district is home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in Connecticut,” Linares said in his testimony to state lawmakers on the Environment Committee. “Coastal towns like Westbrook. Old Saybrook. Clinton. Today, I join with marina owners from my district in expressing serious concerns about Bill 78: An Act Concerning the Disposition of Dredged Materials from Certain Harbors and Ports on Long Island Sound.”

The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection joined Sen. Linares in opposing the bill, noting that the proposal seeks to address issues that have already been resolved. An environmentally sensitive plan that is responsive to the need to dredge long-neglected harbors was adopted by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in December.

“The marine trades industry supports more than 7,000 jobs in Connecticut,” Linares said. “But, like many small businesses across Connecticut, our marinas are struggling. As state legislators, we should be doing all we can to provide these job creators with the flexibility they need in order to help them grow and thrive over the long term. Dredging is the lifeblood of these businesses. Dredging provides access to marinas. That access is key to keeping our marinas afloat. Policies which impact that ability to dredge will without a doubt impact the scores of marinas in my district and throughout the shoreline.”